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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Finally after having these rubber bands for over 15 years another use for them and of course it is sewing related isn't every thing in the world a notion???

My daughter had very little hair for the first few years of her life and to boot it was blond so I was desperate to make sure she looked like a girl now it doesn't matter how pink the outfit is people assume all bald babies are boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not to mention she got to the point where she would yank off her headbands and eat em. I had to think and started looking around the house and I saw a doll so I took a tiny rubber band out of it’s pony tail it was pinky sized just big enough to do a nice little water fall sprout right on top of her head.
I was so worried I would break that one precious rubber band I had. I was so careful but I knew the day would come and it didn’t appear she was growing any real hair any time soon. Guess what disaster happened it broke!!!
Now I am back to the cute baby boy in pink dresses. My neighbor an elderly lady who didn't care for babies much was won over by my cute little girl and she started visiting her.
I told her about my story as she witnessed my daughter eating a headband.
I mentioned I would have to buy some dollar store dolls just for the rubber bands they use on them and never even thought about what came next.
One day my neighbor came over and she was so excited and handed me a bag and inside you guessed it a box of about 5000 pinky sized rubber bands I was so happy I could even do two little sprouts now and didn’t have to worry about breaking one I did have to worry about DD eating them so the box was stored carefully for years.

My DD is almost 16 and I still have a whole lotta pinky sized rubber bands.

I have found uses for them believe it or not. Just yesterday I came up with another great sewing use: they hold button cards together perfectly and then I wrote how many buttons were in the group so if I am making a blouse or dress I can see at a quick glance if I have enough.

Any one have any other ideas let me know cause I still have a lot of them and yes DD finally got real hair in about kindergarten. For some reason she won't let me do the little sprout on top of her head anymore :(

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