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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

I know I can't just sleep but

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...some days a nap would be the best answer... ok 2013 here we go 2012 ended with another ride on a merry go round. I want to change from the inside out please God help me find peace in this situation.

Ate to much this holiday season and am ready to get back in check. I want discipline and obedience to be predominant (defination:present as the strongest element;having or exerting control) in my every day life It is a game and I know how to play it why do I make it so hard?

New Years resolutions nope life changing and Jesus first yep...

Be Blessed

Monday, December 31, 2012

Wow it comes and goes so fast...

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
I am as always excited and sad it is all over, ready to be a better me in 2013 . God in the name of Jesus my savior please help me reach the plans you have for my life this up and coming year and thank you for lessons learned this year. Amen

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wanna come back and keep this up for real what a great way to keep track of what happens in ones life eh?
Let's see if I can do it my life feels just like the picture flying by out of focus

Monday, January 03, 2011

WOW has it been a long time a long long time ...


New year new me ! I want to get back to blogging I wasn't all that great at it before but I think it can be a fun way to remember my life.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

four of ten

Back is out again so editing some pictures for fun

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

If I could see behind the curtain

The quiet reflection times like a walk on the beach, is when I do my best work and thinking. I'm not sure where to start with a huge project so bits and pieces I gather until I hopefully reach an end. I need to stay focused and not get distracted as I do. I know what outcome I want. I read in Hebrews today and these verses really stood out

{6: 19 Our hope is certain. It is something for the soul to hold on to. It is strong and secure. It goes all the way into the Most Holy Room behind the curtain. 6:20 That is where Jesus has gone. He went there to open the way ahead of us.}

I kept thinking as things get tough if I could just peek behind the curtain and see what is there would I worry and fret so much if I could see all that was waiting would any of this stuff really matter??
I want to do my best that is all I can do. There is a plan I need to hear and listen for it to be true. I need to put my wants aside and seek what God wants for me.
For the here and now until I can step behind the curtain.

hear the sizzle...............

Monday, February 23, 2009

lookin out the window...

sundown from my window

Driving home (I was the passenger) my camera with me looking out the window this beautiful sunset is what I captured. I love all the gifts God gives so freely. It feels as though I have really had to work on relationships lately but this kind of beauty is a free gift given to us by God. I need to stay focused on what is free in life and not so much on what I have to work so hard at never to get anywhere anyway.

robynne senior pictures ...

This shoot was a blast with a real sweetie pie

Thursday, May 08, 2008

I miss this dress :(

Here is my DD with her BF (jack) OK its not Jack it's not Leonardo DeCaprio its Daniel haha.

Well prom was Saturday and here it is Thursday and I actually miss that darn dress after all the tears ,fret and worry to get it done I can't believe I am saying that. DD made it home with no rips or stains. I was shocked I was sure I would have repairs the only thing I can find is one missing black bead on the drape.

She had a blast and she loves to dance and her BF isn't a big dancer so she was worried but he danced every dance with her and had fun doing it. Plus he was such a good sport about the "Titanic theme" he got tux similar to what Jack wore in the dinner scene except no tails he didn't want tails nor did DD. They looked so gorgeous together.

All in all everything went smooth a few Limo issues I guess the limo company was sold and this ride was this companies last job so the owner bumped their Limo from a 6 passenger to a 14 passenger at no extra cost. All of the employees had quit so there was no driver available and the owner had to do it and he was not happy. I guess it was he and his wifes anniversary. He kept complianing which kind of bumped the kids out a bit but we paid for 4 hours and they knew they could have the car for four hours rather he liked it or not.

Plus they got the big limo and there were only four of them in it. Funny thing we got them all loaded up and the driver tried to start the car and it was out of Gas so My husband had to get our lawn mower gas just to get them going the driver went nuts we parents tried to calm him down and told him not to worry stuff happens. I wanted him to drive safe. He got them every where safely and they had a blast.

The four promies

I still need to do a detailed write up about this dress if not here somnewhere to record all I learned. I just needed a break from it for now. I have also decided DD will have a purchased wedding dress I will make her garter.HAHA

I do miss working on in in a strange way I had such a routine get up early get coffee head out to the work table and start beading. I don't miss it enough to do it again. :)


Each of you has been blessed with one of God’s many wonderful gifts to be used in the service of others. So use your gifts well.” 1 Peter 4:10

Sunday, May 04, 2008

The Jump Dress is so done stick a fork in it!!!!!!!! :)

Praise the lord above the dress is done!!!!!!!!!!! She wore it last night to prom and looked beautiful. My Mom's hair dresser did her hair just like Rose in titanic (DD wanted bangs to the side). We sent photos and she copied it. I want to do a detailed post on this dress as I did learn so much. Yet at this time I am really tired so tired I listened to church on the radio this morning. Here is a photo for now
God Bless

Friday, April 25, 2008

Jump Dress or I haven't jumped yet!!!!

Lots of progress the under dress is done except for one hook and eye at the back and a good steaming. Thank the Lord above it fit her perfect.

(no purple bar on prom night) haha :0)
I have stayed prisoner in my own home just to get this done. I want to blog about some techniques but for today just this preview of the dress. I still need to do the overdress which is where all the d@#* beading comes in (sorry for the d@#*) haha oh and miles of sequin trim around the train did I mention that? (Reference pictures in below posts)
I have Hand sewed so much on this dress just about everything to be honest. I did not want to take the chance of pins running my fabric.
ok I think I am going to take Dogs to the beach they have been missing walks one because I am prisoner to the dress and two it has been very windy and cold and today is beautiful!!!!!!
have a blessed day