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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Jump Dress or I want to jump because of this dress:)

Progress today yeah :) also first day in over 8 days I was virtually pain free. A little pain down the leg but all in all I felt almost back to new!!!!!! I was able to walk dogs for a entire hour with no pain YIPPIE!!!!!!!! Back injuries stink!!!!!!!
This morning I finished sewing the beaded trim to both net overskirts. I sewed my 12 sequined mediallions on by hand. Previously I added 3 crystals to each mediallion to make it look more like the orginal which was all hand beaded. No way was I about to take that on. The orginal dress had 16 Mediallions but I could not find 16 round mediallions anywhere except on line and I just didn't have time ot wait let me tell you circles were hard to find. For apperance reasons I would have perferred to have 16 for hand sewing reasons 12 was enough.
In addition while I am trying to stay as close ot the orginal gown this is a one time wear most likley (prom) maybe as a costume one day.

After finishing the trim and medallions I cut out the red satin I cut out the front on the fold first.
I tried satin pins, flower head ,long quilting, dressmaking and glass head and the glass head worked the best. I didn't have to work hard ot get them through the fabric I also did not want pins on the fold for fear of a run so I used clothespins (dollar store pack) to hold pattern on. I only pinned in the corners to anchor the pattern to fabric. I also broke out my really heavy metal Ginger knife edge shears instead of my fiskar springloaded shears. I just needed a nice clean cut again not wanting any runs in the satin.
I also used weights instead of all pins for the same reasons. I use large washers from the hardware store they are cheap and work perfect.

Did I say I was trying to avoid runs or snags in my fabric? I know I said that! I know I took all precautions! so off I go cutting into my satin and I look at it after I had cut it. I should have examined my fabric for any flaws before I cut it so of course because I skipped that step what do I see a huge flaw all the way across my front skirt!!!!

ugh now I could cry, throw something, say a very un-lady like word or see if there is a way to save this.
I tell myself that the flaw won't matter since there are two over skirts and the train also comes around the front so three layers are over the red. I am sure it won't show but NOOOOOOOOOO I will know it is there, so I look at my fabric and thank God it is 60" and also my daughter is small so I can get front and back out of one width.
I could not do a same direction lay out, satin does have a nap when the light hits it but with the over skirts it won't matter but that darn flaw would have at least in my mind:).

Red skirts are cut out but it was by grace for sure that I had enough fabric it was so close to the edge notice how little trim there is in the photo.
Ok I am sleepy so good night until tomorrow pray for me I need it.
I would like to thank Maggie @http://www.costumersguide.com/maggie_costumes/my_jump.html
for emailing a response to a question she made this dress in 2006
hers is beautiful!!!!!!!!

P.S. I avoided someone to avoid drama and when I finally returned numerous phone calls it was an invatation to a party. OK I feel really dumb.

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Becky said...

Wow-- looks like this is going to be a lot of work! With all the detail and thought you're putting into it though, I bet it'll be spectacular when finished!