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Sunday, April 20, 2008

pain is a pain and other moaning and groaning from the last week

OK today's lesson for me is humility.

Let's start with I have the Jump dress to get done for my daughter's prom which is May third and there is a lot to that dress.
It has been our dream dress (yes "our") since she was a little girl (1997 titanic movie came out) I shopped all over to get all the supplies in town and out and then................. I'll keep this short... the fight over grad, a move, a sell, paper work being the conductor of all!!!!!. Hubby's birthday party all day in kitchen.

OK fine I can sew now most of the above is handled. then............. the back went out and here I am a week later still perched on my heating pad trying not take any pain meds. Today I was up a bit went to church though I could not stand for all the songs the irony was the last song was "standing standing for Jesus" and I was sitting sitting for Jesus and to save my back.
I can't not believe how much this back has hurt and it is going into my hip and leg this time OK yeah I should go to the doctor but................... no time. Oh yeah I now realize I am not a spring chicken I used to lift things and have no problems or be on my feet for hours but now again here I am perched on the pad:(

Where does the humility come into all of this? I was complaining all week how nothing can get done with me down how I have to handle everything yada yada and in the shower this moring as I was barely able to stand I heard in my soul loud and clear "looks like things are getting done" Hubby has been cooking and running to the store and very helpful he even did the dishes this morning. I feel like I put up a road block to my own recovery by complaining. I think If I would have been more humble and said thank you instead of griping my healing process might have went faster. I am hoping with this realization tomorrow I will feel much better and I will take down the road block and realize it is a joint effort that gets it all done. I am still learning and may God continue to guide me with the light of Jesus shining in my path. Today I was able to give and ask for prayer still working on steping it up.
Forsure ok nothing is sure so formaybe tomorrow the dress!!!!!!!!!!!!

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bj said...

Hi,so glad you visited my blog...I hope you will come back anytime!
So sorry about your back..you really should see a doctor. When it hurts THAT bad, a sure sign something sure isn't right. 41 is too young to hurt like that!! Hope it is feeling much better soon.
Good luck on the dress!! Can't wait to see pics of it when you are finished.....
hugs, bj