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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

JUMP DRESS and b-day

Progress has been slow because so much has been going on including my Hubby's b-day. I have told every one I must work on dress I am writing this to encourage me to get busy.
When I last left here I was supposed to be beading the bodice I changed my mind. Instead I cut out the train but first I had to shorten it because My DD doesn't want to have a dragging train at a dance so I shortened it 10 inches making it just a tad shorter than the dress. I did this by lifting the pattern so I could use the round bottom then I used my french curve to draw a new cutting line (one of those notions that comes in so handy)

I also took the gathering out of the skirt I matched notches to the bodice and then folded out the fullness. The original is not gathered to the bodice and the pattern I am using is fully gathered. (reference pattern in below post)

I then did a test cut out of two old sheets one to check fit and also to make three skirts lengths the costume pattern I am using does not have the three skirts it just has you sew trim at hem lengths. I want three separate skirts like the original dress (reference pictures of dress and pattern in below post).

This is the skirt cut from a sheet this pattern only uses one pattern piece for the front and back the only difference is the front is cut on fold.

I sewed my muslin to test fit DD loves the two sheets and said I can use it for the final dress forget the beautiful expensive lace hahahaha :) silly girl I am tempted

Checking fit and skirt length

I cut out the two top skirts out of stretch fine net the pattern called for tulle which I bought then I found this stretch net and the drape is so nice I am using it instead I took apart my muslin after I noted fitting points and used it as the pattern for the skirts it worked out really nice it took very few pins since the fabric doesn't move around like tissue paper.

After I cut out the skirts I tested the three length with the trim and medallions on

I sewed the front to back skirts with a rolled edge which is perfectly fine as a seam it is strong and stretchy and eliminates french seams on a sheer fabric

I started sewing on trim to one of the overlay skirts I hand basted it on first in pink thread I think hand basting is underrated it really saves time in the long run and I know why couture houses use so much hand basting and hand sewing period. I didn't have to worry about straight pins snagging my net or I didn't have to take the time to pull them out. I also finished the edge of the fine stretch net with a two thread over lock it prevented a lot of the curling that would have happened with the stretch net again an extra step that in the long run saved me time.

One of the reasons I have not worked on this more is My Hubby's 44th was on the 9th and since it was a work day and my Son couldn't come home from college until Sat. we decided to have a little shin dig on Sat and I asked my Hubby what he wanted me to make him he picked chicken and dumplings which is delicious but is an all day dish.

Birthday table
I used some fabric I had on hand Nascar since my hubby likes Nascar I put out some cars and I used Canning Jars for glasses it made a cute table and was a hit with the guests I also put out colored straws so guests would know whose is whose.
I wanted to do something special on his actual B day so I made him a doughnut cake. It has been a issue with us for over 20 years if he has a buck in his pocket he is at the doughnut shop this man loves them I give him a lot of guff about it so I thought it would be fun for him to find a mountain of them. Happy Birthday Mark you are My dream come true I love you.

Whew I am tired but I really want to blog this dress it has truly been a dream My DD and I have had for 11 years.
Please pray for me I need it off to sew trim:)
God Bless

P.S. prom is May 3rd do you thinnk I will make it??
P.S.S don't give your husband money they go get doughnuts

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bj said...

OMGosh...this dress is going to be awesome! You are GOOD !!
And, speaking of good...that donut cake looks fabulous...GREAT idea!
I'm hungry!!
hugs, bj